As online education received rapid acceptance as an alternative to on campus education, the number of job applicants with online bachelor degrees has also skyrocketed. Online education has produced more graduates with online bachelor degree in the recent years. Although there are still some people who hold negative perceptions about online college degree, online education is still gaining followers.

Reasons of Negative Perceptions

The negative notion that some people hold against online college degree is caused by a few factors.

  1. One is misinformation. Some people think that online education cannot be at par with on campus learning because of the way information is being taught. In online education, the learners learn by themselves through the use of instructional learning materials that are easily accessible in the internet. In contrast on campus learning requires face to face discussions in a classroom setting environment.
  2. Another factor affecting the negative perception against online college degree is the inability to embrace change. Change is inevitable in life, but some people have a hard time embracing and adjusting to change. They cannot go away from what has been the norm. These people do not like change. Most of the time, they will have a negative response to anything that involves a deviation from what they are accustomed to. Change for them is not tolerable.
  3. Then there are the unaccredited online bachelor’s degree programs. When an online college degree is not accredited it will have no value at all. It is as good as not having gone to school and finished a degree. It is NOTHING!
  4. Aside from the online bachelor’s degree programs which are being marketed to anyone needing one and have the capacity to pay for the cost, there are also scam artists who. Scam artists have nothing good to offer. They are experts at tricking people. Scam artists will offer online college degree programs from a bachelor’s to master’s to doctorate programs. How they present these programs to the potential students is so well crafted that they can lure people into this trap. These scammers can take steal identity, bank accounts, credit card details, and of course you’re hard earned money!

All of these circumstances have led people to thinking negative about online college degree education. We cannot blame these people through.

There are however things that we can do. One is to share the right information about online degree and the different online bachelor’s degree programs. Let us share the positive side of getting an online degree instead of an on campus degree. We can tell people that change is not something to be afraid of. That the change introduced by online degree is a good one. And we can share tips and tricks for people to find accredited online bachelor’s degree programs and for them to avoid being scammed!

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